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Opéra Royal de Wallonie, Liège


Giacomo Puccini

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Puccini’s fifth opera, Tosca marks an important transition in Puccini’s work. His previous opera, La Bohème, considered by many to be his first masterpiece, is at the same time, the last of Puccini’s work portray the struggles and dreams of society’s lower classes.

With Tosca, Puccini returns to the purest tragedy, focusing on the violent and tragic downfall of three historic figures. Tosca is a highly focused opera, concentrated around the complex and fully developed psychologies of its three main characters. Inspired by the riveting performance of Sarah Bernhardt in the play by Victorien Sardou, Puccini artfully crafted the jealousy, turmoil and despair of the entrancing Floria Tosca. After a period of tormented and stormy writing with his librettists, Puccini finalized his composition just days before the opera’s premiere on January 14, 1900 at Teatro Constanzi in Rome.

Paolo Arrivabeni, musical director of the Royal Opera of Wallonie-Liège conducts this new production directed by Claire Servais.


ConductorPaolo Arrivabeni

DirectorClaire Servais

CastRuggero Raimondi | Barbara Haveman | Marc Laho |

Number of actsOpera in 3 acts

Total running time124 min

Running time by actAct I: 47 min | Act II: 43 min | Act III: 34 min

Sung inSung in Italian

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