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Zürich Opera House

Le Comte Ory

Gioachino Rossini

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When  Cecilia  Bartoli  makes  her stage  entrance  in  this  Zurich Opera  production  of  Rossini’s Le  Comte  Ory, one  can  hardly believe  that  this  prim  and proper countess is really her. But when she starts  singing,  it  is  clear  that we  have  the  passionate powerhouse  of  bel  canto  before us. The title role, however, is that  of  Mexican  tenor  Javier Camarena  as  Count  Ory,  who stands  out  not  only  with  his  sensitive voice, but also proves a witty  stage presence.

Set by  stage directors  Moshe Leiser  and  Patrice  Caurier  in  1960s  France,  the  production  subtly  delineates  the underlying  theme  of  sexual  repression  and  frustration; but  more  than  anything, it is pure, unadulterated fun.


ConductorMuhai Tang

DirectorMoshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier

CastCecilia Bartoli | Javier Camarena | Rebeca Olvera

Number of acts2 Acts

Sung inFrench

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