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Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich


Modest Mussorgsky (with Shostakovich and Stravinsky)

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One of the great talents of Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881) was his unique ability to transpose words, psychological states and even physical movements into music. Although he left his opera Khovanshchina (The Khovansky Affair) incomplete, its sheer theatricality reveals a work begging for a stage production.

The plot is a darkly shimmering panorama of ruthless power plays, intrigues and bloodshed in late 17th-century Russia. A nation torn by inner strife, with various factions struggling for power at court: the followers of Prince Ivan Khovansky, the leader of the Streltsys (musketeers), and those of Prince Golitsin, faithful to the tsar. Add to this the influence of various religious groups, and the action comes frighteningly close to mirroring the present-day situation in more than one country. With his stripped-down sets and costumes, director Dmitri Tcherniakov, throws a bridge to the political present, a historical pessimism in which “nothing has changed.”


ConductorKent Nagano

DirectorDmitri Tcherniakov

CastPaata Burchuladze | Klaus Florian Vogt | John Daszak | Valery Alexejev | Anatoli Kotscherga | Doris Soffel

Number of acts5 Acts

Sung inRussian

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