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Opéra de Paris

Die Entführung aus dem Serail

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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At a period when the influence of the Ottoman Empire on its Austrian neighbor lent a certain Turkish flavor to Viennese life, Mozart drew upon Turkish exoticism to create a playful tale of capture and escape, exploring the humanist values of tolerance and fidelity in love and celebrating human goodness.

A metaphor for the combat between Liberty and all forms of absolutism, Belmonte’s quest to deliver Konstanze from Selim’s yoke resounded throughout Europe, inspired at that time by the spirit of the Enlightenment. “All our efforts to express the essence of things came to nothing in the aftermath of Mozart’s appearance. Die Entführung towered above us all”, wrote Goethe, overwhelmed by the composer’s nobleness of spirit and radiant optimism.


ConductorPhilippe Jordan

DirectorZabou Breitman

CastJürgen Maurer | Erin Morely | Anna Prohaska | Bernard Richter | Paul Schwinester | Lars Woldt

Number of acts3 Acts

Sung inGerman

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